Round 3 of 2nd Qualifier today at 1pm

All chess enthusiasts, today (Sunday 27th April)  at 1pm in room E102 of UTT’s Valsayn Campus, we shall have the 3rd round of the 2nd Qualifier of the 2014 National Championships. Here are the pairings: 1. Colin Knight v. David Jones 2. Cecil Lee v. Andrew Bowles 3. Shannon Yearwood v. Daryl Davis 4. LeonardRead More

Interviewing CM Josh on round 2

Interview with CM Joshua Johnson on Round 2 of the 2nd Qualifier   AG – Which game caught your attention thus far? CM Josh – Board 1, Davis v. Cecil Lee. Daryl is playing some brilliant chess. Daryl sacrificed a piece which Master Lee refused after considering it for some time. Daryl has more thanRead More

Entertaining. Close fights. @ 2nd Qualifier

This 2nd qualifier is certainly going to be a thriller. In round 1, there were many close games and surprises. Shannon Yearwood, CARIFTA gold medalist, defeated Leonard Duncan. Yearwood played the Scandinavian defense which transposed into an Alehine’s defense. Shannon eventually got to an endgame with her rook versus Duncan’s knight. After lots of maneuveringRead More