Central Vikings Chess Club

Central Vikings Chess Club (CVCC) was affiliated to the TTCA in the year 2005. The club has since produced a number of National Champions, National Trainers & Arbiters and Regional Medalists. CVCC hosts classes at Couva East Secondary on Sundays at 3pm - 5pm.

Executive Members:
Sandy Razark
Shelly Ann Ramkissoon
Kumarie Sookhoo

Address: Church Street, Couva
Contact #: 868-683-4439
Email Address: srazark@yahoo.com
Age Ranges: Kids 5+
Training: Individual, Group
Designation: Candidate Master (CM), Woman FIDE Master (WFM), National Instructor (NI), Developmental Instructor (DI), National Arbiter (NA)

School Chess Union Of T&T

• Established in 2005
• Coaching & Teaching Chess at Schools

Executive Members:
President: International Arbiter Russell Smith
Secretary: National Champion & FIDE Master Adrian Winter Atwell
Treasurer: Andre Cato Teacher at Sacred Heart Boys Primary School

Address: At Schools
Contact #: 868-756-6457
Email Address: seepoysmith@yahoo.com
Age Ranges: Kids 6+, Adults
Training: Individual, Group
Designation: FIDE Master (FM), Woman FIDE Master (WFM), National Master (NM), FIDE Instructor (FI), National Arbiter (NA), International Arbiter (IA), International Organizers (IO)

Valkyries Chess Club

Founded in 1984, Valkyries primary focus is the development of females in chess. However the club's membership is open to both males and females.

Executive Members:
President: Sonja Johnson
Vice President: Debra Walcott
Secretary: Lisa Browne
Asst. Secretary: Marva Hernandez
Treasurer: Mala Agostini

Address: Corner Holder Drive, Westvale Park, Glencoe
Contact #: 868-726-1246
Email Address: valkyries@chesstt.org
Age Ranges: Kids 5+, Adults
Training: Individual, Group
Designation: Woman International Master (WIM), FIDE Instructor (FI), National Instructor (NI)

Knights Chess Club

Established in 1966 by a group of mates meeting at the Royal Air Force sports club, Knights continues to promote the playing of Chess in our twin Islands.
Address: 13 Brabant Street, Woodbrook Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Contact #: 868-676-7977
Email Address: redlightning100mph@hotmail.com
Age Ranges: Adults
Training: None
Designation: FIDE Trainer (FT), FIDE Instructor (FI), Developmental Instructor (DI), National Arbiter (NA)