About the TTCA


“Chess is something more than a game. It is an intellectual diversion which has certain artistic qualities and many scientific elements.”

– Jose Capablanca – Cuba
First and only World Chess Champion from the Caribbean.

President’s Vision

Overarching Goal
To promote the sport of Chess in Trinidad and Tobago in a manner that is sustainable.

What is needed is an investment of resources (including financial) and goodwill, RnG. It will come from private sector, government, FIDE, parents, well-wishers, chess players and other stakeholders.

We are prepared to give return in investment in the form of children who are more focused and developed, citizens who are mentally healthy, athletes from other sports who are more strategic in the game, a safer Trinidad & Tobago because chess can help prevent crime, world class players, arbiters and coaches, increase in national revenue through sports tourism, build up of family life as parents and children take time to play chess, and much more…

Specific Projects

  • Chess in Schools.
  • Chess in Communities.
  • Institutional Strengthening of the TTCA.
  • Club development initiatives.
  • Player development programmes – designed to elevate the level of chess in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Coaches & Arbiters development programmes
  • Social outreach programme

Our Mission Statement

“To promote knowledge and understanding of the game of Chess for its own sake as an art and as an intellectual sport.”

Our 2022/2023 Executive Committee

The Trinidad and Tobago Chess Association is a FIDE affiliate and a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee.

President Mrs. Sonja Johnson E-mail address: president@chesstt.org sonjagia.johnson@gmail.com
1st Vice President Mr. Frank Sears E-mail address: 1stvicepresident@chesstt.org
2nd Vice President Mr. Daryl Davis E-mail address: 2ndvicepresident@chesstt.org
3rd Vice President Ms. Sadiqah Razark
E-mail address: 3rdvicepresident@chesstt.org
Secretary Mrs. Sandy Razark
E-mail address: secretary@chesstt.org sarazrk@yahoo.com
Assistant Secretary Ms. Tracey Gomez E-mail address: assistantsecretary@chesstt.org
P.R.O. Ms. Gabriella Johnson E-mail address: pro@chesstt.org
Treasurer Mr. Keelan Hunte E-mail address: treasurer@chesstt.org

Board of Trustees:
Kumarie Sookhoo
Andrew Bowles
Shelly-Ann Ramkissoon

Shannon Yearwood
Hayden Lee
Leonard Duncan
Kwesi Dyer
Yogi Ramsingh

Disciplinary Committee:
Hayden Lackhai
Ryan Harper
Judith De Verteuil

Keelan Hunte


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