What Can Chess DO??

Chess is an equalizing sport: old, young, differently able, rich, marginalized, anyone can play, and win, against anyone! Regardless of where you come from!!

Shannon draws with Sears

Chess is the only sport that allows one to replay an entire game – without video; try replaying a free kick exactly as it was done before 🙂


Chess is Great, Powerful and Fun…

Thinking about getting involved in chess, think about this:

1. Chess can help children: helping them focus, concentrate and develop multiple intelligences. Chess is also a low cost sport and yet offers many kids a chance to represent their country.

2. Chess can help reduce crime: the TTCA is working to help reduce crime in Trinidad & Tobago. You will hear more about this soon.

Former T&T National Champ, Courtney Lee, in arbitering role

3. Chess pushes back the onset of Alzheimers and other mental degenerative diseases. We encourage our senior citizens to play chess.

4. Chess helps the differently able. The TTCA will be working with children starting with those at the Point-a-Pierre Special School. We will be working with blind children as well as children with autism. Chess is great for kids with autism.

Tendulkar & Anand

5. Chess playing helps other sports such as football and cricket. Very soon we shall also be working with other sporting disciplines because chess is great for improving performance in other sports…more on this soon.