ROUND 7 Report- The Excitement continues!

The Trinidad and Tobago International Masters and Open Chess tournaments continue to deliver on the excitement that preceded their commencement.


In the Masters Section,  the two top seeds remain at the top of the standings, with GM Ilja Zaragatski edging GM Elshan Moradaibadi on tie-break. Trinidad and Tobago’s FM Ryan Harper fought a long and hard game against, the No. 1 seed, GM Elshan Moradiabadi, but was unable to  find the draw. FM Allan Munro also showed his depth of play, but could not get past GM Zaragatski. IM Jose Gascon, Venezuela demonstrated his clear talent and was able to salvage a draw against GM Sriram Jha, who had a solid position throughout the game.

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The Open Section also did not fail to deliver as there were many exciting games. The youngsters also demonstrated that there is great promise for Trinidad and Tobago Chess for the future. National Under 16 absolute champion, Isaiah Mc Intosh, had a dominant performance over veteran Kishore Ramadhar, and remains unbeaten and has forged to the top of the standings on 6.5 points. WCM Gabriella Johnson, National Under 16 Female Champion, who played on Board 3, fought until the end but was unable to get the better of the experienced, former National Champion, FM Frank Yee.

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