T&T National Teams Arrive at Tromso, Norway

National Team arrives in Tromso¬†The team arrives in good spirit (but hungry after hours of travel ūüôā

The Trinidad & Tobago Olympiad teams arrived in Tromso just after 3pm on Emancipation day (Trinidad time). The players were very happy and are really gelling as a team. IM Merijn Van Delft (coach for the men’s team) and IM Stefan Kuipers (coach of the women’s team) were very excited and believed that after weeks of working with teams “the best is yet to come”.¬†Yesterday after the entire delegation¬†had dinner together the coaches met with their respective teams to discuss plans and clarify the goals and objectives of the Olympiad campaign.

Today the women’s team play Lithuania while the men’s team play the all-Grandmaster team, Brazil.

Alex & Ryan preparing for Brazil GMs IM Merijn Van Delft working with Alex & Ryan to prepare for their games against Brazilian GMs

Of course there is no real value in going to the Olympiad and never getting to play super strong players (whatever the result); we simply need to play better players in order to improve. However I am personally looking out for upsets starting today.

To see live games with general live commentary, visit the website https://chess24.com/en/olympiad2014

We do welcome you to keep visiting your website: www.chesstt.org to keep abreast of the Olympiad and get inside stories on your national team. Look out next for the goals of the team.



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