Kasparov to visit Trinidad

The Trinidad and Tobago Chess Association (TTCA) is happy to announce the visit of Garry Kasparov, who is regarded as one of the greatest chess players in the world. Garry shall visit Trinidad on Sunday 29th June, 2014. He is expected to arrive via private jet around 12.00 -1.00 p.m.

Mr. Kasparov will be greeted at the airport by the President of the Trinidad and Tobago Chess Association, Mr. Anderson Gordon. He will then be escorted to Naparima College in San Fernando, where he will get the opportunity to meet players currently participating in the third National Qualifiers, hosted by the Southern Chess Club. He is also expected to speak to members of the wider chess community and the public. The Mayor of San Fernando is expected to attend.

Keevin James, President of Southern Chess Club, expressed his excitement, “On behalf of the Southern Chess club, we are so honoured to host Mr. Kasparov, here in South. We invite the wider community to come out to be a part of this very significant event.”

Kasparov has a very long and distinguished career in the sport of chess. Additional information can be found on his website, http://www.kasparov.com. Some of his notable achievements are listed below:

  • Won the Chess Oscar award a record 11 times
  • Maintained his standing as the highest-rated player in the world from 1986-2005
  • Achieved the highest FIDE rating ever (2851)
  • Finished 1st (alone or shared) in every individual tournament he participated in from 1981-1990 (a total of 15 events)

Anderson Gordon, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Chess Association was also humbled by the visit as he remarked, “This is a very important event for Chess in Trinidad and Tobago as the TTCA continues on its path to elevate the profile of the sport in our beloved country. We thank Dr. Michael Dowlath, Principal of Naparima College, for extending the use of the college for such an event. I encourage all chess enthusiasts to witness history being made in our country.”

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