2nd Qualifier for 2014 National Championships under way


The 2nd Qualifier for the 2014 National Championships has started. Leading the field are Candidate Masters Cecil Lee and Frank Sears.  Lee is taking on Hermes Mentor who made a lovely comeback in the Masters tournament earlier this year. Mentor has a lovely position coming out of Lee’s favourite English opening and has just sacrificed an exchange. I shall let you know how that ends up.

Meanwhile Sears is black against Ken Fitzpatrick. As many of you may know, Fitzpatrick played a big role in junior chess for many years up until the 1990s. Ken sacrificed a pawn against Sears and has a very active position. But as we all know, Sears is a fighter. It should prove very interesting to see if he can generate a k-side attack against Sears.

This tournament has also seen the return of the tough & solid player, Colin Knight. Colin is currently playing Carlyle Singh on board 3. Singh who is a member of Knights’ Chess club and  is known for his great work as a coach with the T&T Chess Foundation, is playing a most fascinating position. If he can manage to open the centre, he may well be able to capitalize on Knight’s un-castled king. Stay tuned for more on that game.

Perhaps the other great battle in this round is the game between juniors Daniel Bhola and Rishon Ramlogan. Bhola sacrificed a pawn and seems to have sufficient compensation for it as he gets ready to launch a king-side attack. Meanwhile though  Rishon is drumming up counter-play on the queen side.

Tune in for more on the 2nd National Prelims on your favourite local chess website: www.chesstt.org



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