Regulations for 2nd National Championships Qualifier @ UTT – Valsayn

Regulations for 2nd Qualifier for 2014 national championships:


The Trinidad & Tobago Chess Association is pleased to invite you to the 2014 National Chess Championships – North Preliminaries


1. Participation

The Tournament is open to players who are nationals of T&T:

2.  Venue

The Venue for this Tournament is UTT, Valsayn Campus (formerly Valsayn Teachers’ Training College)


3.  Registration & Fees

The Registration Fee for this Tournament is $ 100.00 for everyone except juniors who shall pay $50.00. The fees are payable on the first day of the tournament. Registration closes at 10.00 am on the 26th of April 2014.

Pre-registration may also be done by informing us of your intention to participate by emailing

Give your name and FIDE ID or Date of Birth please.


4. Time Control and Format

  • The tournament will be played as a Swiss tournament, where there are 9 or more players, using no more than 7 rounds.
  • In the event there are 8 players or less in a group the tournament shall be a round robin.
  • Rate of play will be 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment starting from move 1
  • Default waiting time: 30 minutes


5. Tie Breaks

(Swiss system)

  • Head to Head
  • Buchholz
  • Sonneborn-Berger
  • Number of games won


6. Playing Schedule




April 26th 2014 9.00 am to 10.00 am

10.30 am

4.00 pm


Round # 1

Round # 2

April 27th 2014 10.00 am

4.00 pm

Round # 3

Round # 4

May 3rd 2014 10.00 am

4.00 pm

Round # 5

Round # 6

May 4th 2014 1.00 pm



Round # 7


Prize giving & Closing Ceremony

7. Prizes


1st – $500

2nd – $300

3rd – $200

Best junior (U-20) – $100

Best female – $100

(There should be at least 3 juniors or 3 females for the respective prizes to apply)



8. Organizing Committee

Chief Arbiter: Rawlson Paul

Chief Organizer: Anderson Gordon


9. Appeals Committee

In the event of any dispute between players the decision of the Chief Arbiter will prevail. Any player however has the right to take his / her concern to the appeals committee. The appeal must be filed in writing within an hour after the round has ended together with a fee of TT$100, which will be refunded if the Chief Arbiter’s decision is overturned. The decision of the appeals committee is final.


The appeals committee will be made up of three (3) persons with two (2) alternates, chosen from the players and by the players.  A player may not participate in his/her own dispute.




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