Trinidad & Tobago to a flying start

Our National  Olympiad teams climbed up the ladder of success yesterday as the ladies hammered Palau 4-0 whilst the men downed the Bhutanese team 3.5 – 05. This performance earned the ladies a round 3 match against Japan and earned the men a match against Seychelles.


Our players now smelling blood and knowing that a win earns them another shot against top players, the guys spanked Seychelles 4-nil. The girls fought hard against Japan with the advantage going back and forth and back and forth. In the end Japan escaped with a draw. Bear in mind though that the only other time we played Japan, T&T lost!

Statistically, what does this mean for the ladies of T&T? In the history of women’s Olympiad, Trinidad’s best performances have been:

In 2006 we got 3 team wins & 2 team draws (33.3% of the total possible points)

In 1984 and 3 team wins and 1 team draw (34.6% of the total possible points)

In 1986 (with our strongest ever women’s team) we got 2 team wins and 2 team draws (38.5% of the total possible points)

So far after 3 rounds, our team has scored 1 team win and 1 team draw (54.16% of the possible points after 3 rounds). More importantly the girls have earned the right to play stronger players which is a very big deal.

In athletics one can improve by training and competing against the clock, but in chess, training alone is not enough; one needs hundreds of games against world class players in order to build up ratings and skills. Unfortunately T&T and indeed Caribbean countries suffer from limited opportunities to play world class players, so an Olympiad campaign is more valuable the more opportunities we get to engage top class players.

Go T&T Go!!!

Tune in later to find out who we play next!!





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