SubZonal News: after round 4

Mixed Results in Round 4 but Trinidad still in the running.

Trinidad National Master, Ravishen Singh fought in a Knight and Pawns endgame against Venezuelan Mora Moron. Singh made some inaccuracies in the endgame but came back strong to secure an important victory for himself and his country. He now moves to 3 1/2 points out of a possible 4 and is now in 3rd position in the standings.

On the 2nd table, Candidate Master Allan Munro played Bajan FIDE Master Delisle Warner. Munro was aggressive and launched an early attack on Warner, eventually making a vicious looking piece sacrifice. Warner thought for a while and refused the offer and the two played to a draw. In the post game interview Warner explained that although his King would be safe after capturing the piece, he would lose a third pawn and the resulting position was unclear to him. He later explained that he should probably have reasoned differently: since he did not break any opening principles Munro ought not to be able to punish him. Warner’s point is a good one.

Sadly, Trinidad’s #1, FIDE Master Ryan Harper lost to Equadorian International Master, Munoz. The position seemed to be in Harper’s favour but he pressed looking for a win and in so doing used up a lot of time. In the end Harper had seconds to play while Munoz had over 30 minutes. Harper therefore slipped to 4th place. Munoz on the other hand is now in 1st position in the tournament and will play Allan Munro this afternoon.

Another very interesting game was the one between Trinidadian Master, Marcus Joesph and Bajan wonder kid, FIDE Master Yu Tien Poon. Marcus was in his usual attacking mood but Poon fought back with good counter attack. Marcus then showed his good knowledge of the game and switched to a more positional mode; he kept the pressure and used his edge to trade pieces into a won endgame. Marcus is now in 6th position with 3 points of a possible 4.

Games continue at 5pm today at the Ambassador Hotel. Tune in tonight for reports on round 6.



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