Round 3 of 2nd Qualifier today at 1pm

I see you every move

All chess enthusiasts, today (Sunday 27th April) ¬†at 1pm in room E102 of UTT’s Valsayn Campus, we shall have the 3rd round of the 2nd Qualifier of the 2014 National Championships. Here are the pairings:

1. Colin Knight v. David Jones

2. Cecil Lee v. Andrew Bowles

3. Shannon Yearwood v. Daryl Davis

4. Leonard Duncan v. Frank Sears

5. Hayden Lee v. Brian Leemoon

6. Rishon Ramlogan v. Hermes Mentor

7. Sean Yearwood v. Zurich Smith

8. Daniel Bhola v. Ken Fitzpatrick

9. Carl Jacobs v. Mikel Martin

10 Bye goes to Carlyle Singh



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