SubZonal News: after round 1

The SubZonal 2.3.5 has begun, thanks to partners like the Ministry of Tourism and First Citizens Asset Management

Let us see what is happening with our players.

Thus far National Champion FM Ryan Harper, NM Yogi Ramsingh (making a comeback), NM and olympic medalist Ravishen Singh and NM Marcus Joseph are on 1/1, winning their first game. Young stars Kevin Cupid and Esan Wiltshire also won their first game and are ready to make their mark on the tournament.

However I want to turn our attention to some outstanding performances and upsets from our T&T players. Firstly, Joseph Gill pulled off a wonderful upset by defeating the strong Venezuelan player, Marichal, who is over 300 rating points ahead of Gill. Hayden Lee also made his mark by defeating the strong Venezuelan, Chavez Lazo (Lazo is just under 300 rating points higher than Lee). Another good result was gotten from National Master and strong veteran Frank Sears, who held the super-solid Jamaican, FM Shane Matthews, to draw. Also pulling off a big result was Marlon Austin, who is relatively new to competitive chess. Austin took half point off the powerful Surinamese, FM Roger Matoewi.  These are all excellent results for T&T.

However I feel that the BIGGEST upset of round 1 comes from the game Gabriella Johnson v. Auke Treu. Gabby defeated her Surinamese opponent who is over 400 points higher than her, thus sending a warning to our friends from abroad – T&T is ready for action. Gabby moves up to play FM Roger Matoewi today. Other key games to look out for in round 2 are:

Ravi Singh playing black against the highest ranked player, Punter of the Dominican Republic. Our own Allan Munro takes on IM Gascon del Nogal while Kevin Cupid takes on Aruban Master, Jasel Lopez. For more info on today’s draw for round 2, use the link

Today’s play (round 2)  starts at 10am at the Ambassador Hotel. Come visit Ambassador, or follow us on our facebook page or right here at



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