National Youth Chess Championships 2016


Youth Chess Tournament a Success

The Youth Chess tournament started on Saturday 9th at Presentation College and ended on Sunday 17th at San Fernando Girls’ Anglican School. The date for the prize distribution will be announced in a later post but will be done together with that for the Junior U20 tournament. See for details of tournament results.

The Age Group Winners

U8 Absolute – 1. Aedan Muralie; 2. Yeshowah Smith; 3. Chevonne Charles.

U10 Female – 1. Anahita Ramoutar; 2. Zara La Fleur; 3. Ariana Ramoutar.

U10 Absolute – 1. Rayden Rampersad; 2. Sheldon Yearwood; 3. Brad Munroe-Brown.

U12 Female – 1. Marliyah Phillips; 2. Athena Martin; 3. Anusha Saha.

U12 Absolute – 1. Zidane Boodoo; 2. Keagan Ragoobar; 3. Ronaldo Romany.

U14 Female – 1. Shemilah James; 2. Jennica Lynch; 3. Kamaria Charles.

U14 Absolute – 1. Sean Yearwood; 2. Alan-Safar Ramoutar; 3. Reece Roopnarine.

U16 Female – 1. Gabriella Johnson; 2. Shannon Yearwood; 3. Amy Ali.

U16 Absolute – 1. Isaiah Mc Intosh; 2. Mikel Martin; 3. Gerard Sealy.

U18 Female – 1. Sadiqah Razark.

U18 Absolute – Joshua Johnson; 2. Daniel Bhola; 3. Kofi Melville.

Thanks to all players, parents and guardians, officials, sponsors, venue administrators and event helpers for a successful tournament.



The Venue for the remaining rounds 5, 6 and 7 is The San Fernando Girls’ Anglican, St Julien of Norwich School, Pouchet Street, San Fernando. See Google map images for directions.

Due to change in venue the scheduled start time for Round 5 has been changed to 9:30am. Default time for Round 5 is half hour after the round starts.

San Fernando Exit Map
San Fernando Exit
San Fernando Girls' Anglican School, Pouchet Street
Route to San Fernando Girls’ Anglican, Pouchet Street


Youth Chess Championships Has Started

The National Youth Chess Championships started on Saturday 9th January with over 80 players in 11 age groups and continues Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th. See the TTCA Chess-Results Tournaments for pairings and results.

We already have a winner! Congratulations to 7 yr old Aedan Muralie who is the new U8 Champion.

On Saturday morning we will have the completion of the U10 Female and U12 Absolute and in the afternoon we will know the winners for the U10 Absolute, U14 Female, U16 Absolute and U18 Absolute. Come Sunday morning we will close with the U12 Female, U14 Absolute and U16 Female.  Then on to the U20 Junior tournament. More on that in a subsequent post.

Update on the venue for Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th will be posted here by Thursday 14th.


The Youth Chess Age Group Championships

National-Youth-Chess-Championships-2016The National Juniors Chess Championship Under 8-18 categories will take place in January 2016.
The details are as follows…

Date: January 9th, 10th, 16th and 17th 2016
Venue : Presentation College, San Fernando. See Map
Registration Fees : $50.00
Chief Arbiter: Roderick Noel

Registrations will be taken online up to 8th January, 2016 and NOT on the day of the tournament.
Payment is on the day of the tournament up to 10am.

General Schedule

Schedule for National Youth 2016Saturday 9th – final registration from 8:00am – 9:30am.

Round 1 start for 10:00am. Round 2 start for 3:30pm.

Subsequent morning rounds at 9:00am and afternoon rounds at 2:30pm.

Time allotment per player is 1 hr and 30 mins plus 30 secs increment per move from move one.

Default time from Round 2 is 30 minutes. Players must be present before the start of Round 1 to be paired.

Schedule may change per age group category based on number of players entered in the age group and whether a Swiss or Round Robin pairing format is used.

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