Interviewing CM Josh on round 2

Interview with CM Joshua Johnson on Round 2 of the 2nd Qualifier

 CM Josh shows the Old Benoni

AG – Which game caught your attention thus far?

CM Josh – Board 1, Davis v. Cecil Lee. Daryl is playing some brilliant chess. Daryl sacrificed a piece which Master Lee refused after considering it for some time. Daryl has more than a slight advantage but I see a very powerful continuation for him. Nexf7 seems winning to me. But Daryl is taking his time. We will see if he plays that move.


AG – What other game do you find exciting?

CM Josh – Definitely Jones v Rishon Ramlogan. Rishon has a rook and 2 pawns versus Jones’ pair of bishops in the middle game. But Rishon missed a strong continuation; hold on, I think he just fell apart. Yes, he is going to lose.


AG – Do you find this qualifier a strong tournament?

CM Josh – Definitely some players are playing excellent chess, but it is not as strong as the first qualifier. However this is a very competitive tournament as players are closer in ratings.

Allow me to point out two other games which I must say are worth watching: Sears v. Shannon Yearwood and Mikel Martin v. Daniel Bhola. Shannon is a pawn down but she is fighting against Sears. And Daniel, he is playing in a somewhat equal position; but I must say he and Mikel are playing an opening that is not common for juniors, the Old Benoni defense. Very interesting.


Thanks a lot Joshua. I hope you can drop in sometime again to give more comments.




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