CAC Youth Chess Festival 2015-A Great Success

Dear Chess Community

It is with great pride that we bring down the curtain on what was a very successful Central America and the Caribbean Youth Chess Festival 2015.
This event was held for the first time in the English-Speaking Caribbean and we can boast of participation by approximately 180 players from 14 countries.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Throughout the tournament there was a wonderful spirit of camaraderie as persons worked
together to ensure that the event came off without any major issues.
Team TnT CAC 2015
We also would like to congratulate ALL the players from Trinidad and Tobago who put forth great effort in bringing home a 3rd place finish for the country prize. The top 3 countries were:
1. Jamaica                    34 points ( first time a country in the English-speaking Caribbean came in 1st place)
2. Colombia                   30 points
3. Trinidad and Tobago   29 points
In addition, Trinidad and Tobago obtained 4 medals from:
Under 8 Absolute  Rayden Rampersad         Silver
Under 16 Female  WCM Gabriella Johnson   Silver
Under 18 Female  Sadiqah Razark               Silver
Under 18 Female  WFM Javanna Smith       Bronze
These performances, in addition to several top 5 finishes, contributed to Team T&T ranking within the top 3.
Pulling off a tournament of this size required extensive support both internal and external to the community.We take this opportunity to recognise:
Corporate Sponsors
The following sponsors played a major role in the hosting of this tournament:
  • Ministry of Sport
  • First Citizens Asset Management Limited
  • Rhand Credit Union
  • Blue Waters
  • Scrip J
  • Seven Seas
  • The Banquet & Conference Centre, Cascadia Hotel
  • The Tobago House of Assembly ( Division of Education, Youth and Sport)- who supported the contingent from Tobago
We also thank all other sponsors who supplied resources for the hosting of this tournament.
We would like to thank all the arbiters including:
Chief Arbiter, IA Russell Smith, and Deputy Chief Arbiters: NA Trevor Flower, IA Trevor Griffith ( Barbados), NA Courtney Lee, NA Clayton Gomez, FA Rudy Tjong Tjin Joe (Suriname), Andre White ( Bahamas), Elton Joseph ( Bahamas)
We also thank the assistant arbiters including: Naroutam Singh, IM Vishnu Singh, Alpacino Smith, Vandoff Smith, Keevin James, Elyse James, NM Cecil Lee and Andrew Bowles
In addition, we thank our 2nd VP, Bhisham Soondarsingh for serving on the Appeals Committee under IA Serafin Chuit as Appeals Committee Chairman.
We express sincere gratitude to the many persons, parents who provided assistance, support, especially when at times the task seemed overwhelming. We would like to make a special mention of: Mrs. Sonia Yearwood, Mr. Simeon Yearwood and Mrs. Mala Agostini.
Thanks to CM Dev Soondarsingh, CM Kevin Cupid, FM Ryan Harper and CM Adrian Winter-Atwell, who were on hand every day to go through the games of the players. We thank our 2nd VP Bhisham Soondarsingh, who also made himself available for the analysis of games and whose club members had a significant presence in this event.
Organising Committee
Of course we cannot underscore the effort of the other hard-working core committee members:
  • Debra Walcott-Treasurer
  • Sandy Razark-Secretary
who worked tirelessly before and during the tournament.
We also recognise and appreciate the efforts of the other sub-committee members:
  • Bhisham Soondarsingh – 2nd VP
  • Naresh Bhola- 3rd VP
 and of course our President, David Martin and Alpacino Smith-PRO
Guest MC & Other Guests
Thanks goes out to Nikki Crosby, our MC for the Closing Ceremony, who delighted the crowd with her humour, while always remaining professional. We also thank the other guest artistes who played a role in the opening and closing ceremonies including our pan players, Danielle Cadogan, Kamaria Charles-Richards and Kena Bartholomew; the Silver Stars Tassa Group, member from the Shiv Shakti Dance Troupe and Marge Blackman.
Other Services
We thank Mr. Quintin Cabralis and family for supplying the meals for the arbiters and trainers every day and Ms. Coreen Cabralis for producing the name tags and board numbers for the tables. We thank Mrs. Sandy Razark and family for producing the accreditation badges and a PA System during the rounds of play as well as arranging the country signs.
We were also very grateful for the positive and constructive feedback in addition to the expressions of gratitude from participating Federations during the course of this event. After such a rewarding experience, the organising committee will now embark upon a post-mortem to ensure that the requisite learnings are derived and documented for future events.
Stay tuned for photos of the event, which will be posted on our website, during the course of this week.
Once again, thank you all for the enormous support given to the team and we look forward to continued collaboration in the building and development of the sport of Chess within Trinidad and Tobago.
Best Regards
Chair, CAC 2015 Organising Committee
1st Vice President, TTCA
681 1151
Nalini Suratsingh


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