SubZonal News: Special report on Titles

Thanks to the T&T’s Ministry of Tourism and the First Citizen Asset Management Ltd., many local and regional players can get their International Chess Titles. But what exactly are these titles? Chess players strive for international recognition through the FIDE rating they acquire (FIDE is the world chess body – The FIDE rating, alsoRead More

SubZonal News: after round 8

The Ministry of Tourism & First Citizens Asset Management sponsored SubZonal championship produced great drama in round 8 and set the stage for even more in the final round. William Puntier showed why he is top seed by halting the progress of tournament leader, Sanchez Munoz this afternoon. Munoz replied to Puntier’s 1. e4 withRead More

SubZonal News: after round 7

The Stage is Set!! This morning’s big games between Trinidad players Marcus Joesph & Ryan Harper was a bold King’s Gambit. Ryan seemed prepared for what must have been an attempted surprise from Joseph, and in the end Harper took the full point Nearby, Ariel Marichal stopped young Bajan FIDE Master (FM) Orlando Husbands. AsRead More

SubZonal News: after round 6

The Hunt for Titles is on! Bajan FM Warner closes in on IM title The SubZonal 2.3.5 Championships changed gear as the tournament reached its 6th round. With only 3 more rounds to go, IM Miguel Sanchez Munoz is in clear 1st place while other players are beginning to count how many more points they needRead More

SubZonal News: after round 5

IM Munoz stands alone in the lead…but 4 Trinis and 2 Bajans in the top 10 IM Munoz made it 2/2 by defeating Trinidad’s Master, Allan Munro (hours after getting by Ryan Harper). Munoz of Equador now stands alone in the lead on 5 of a possible 5 and will now play Venezuelan Ariel MarichalRead More

SubZonal News: after round 4

Mixed Results in Round 4 but Trinidad still in the running. Trinidad National Master, Ravishen Singh fought in a Knight and Pawns endgame against Venezuelan Mora Moron. Singh made some inaccuracies in the endgame but came back strong to secure an important victory for himself and his country. He now moves to 3 1/2 pointsRead More

SubZonal News: after round 3

Trinidad players take the lead in SubZonal 2.3.5 Championships, 2014 It is still very early, but after 3 rounds Trinidad players have taken the lead in the SubZonal championship. Three (3) locals remain undefeated: Ryan Harper is in first place with 3 wins, Allan Munro is in 3rd place also with 3 wins, and RavishenRead More

SubZonal News: after round 2

Trinidadian players pull off 3 more upsets in round 2… Olympiad medalist, NM Ravishen Singh defeated the Top Seed, FM William Puntier in round 2 of the Subzonal 2.3.5. Ravi played comfortably using his time well, while Puntier showed the pressure he was under by using up the clock. The game lasted 41 moves. MeanwhileRead More