Caribbean Union of Teachers Virtual Chess Tournament 2021

Tournament Date: Saturday 24th April, 4 PM – 8 PM (Timezone -4 GMT)

Registration fee
Each player will pay a registration fee of $10 USD.
Each unit will make arrangements to collect the registration fees. These will then be remitted to the CUT.
Registration closes Friday 23rd April, 2021.

Tornelo platform ( and Zoom
Participants must have a stable internet connection to be able to access Zoom and Tornelo.

Once registered, players will be able to practice on Tornelo

5 rounds, with a break between rounds
Teams will represent CUT units.
Each team will comprise 20 members.
Individual scores of team members will be accumulated to arrive at the highest team score.
The time control will be 15 minutes per player per round.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:
1.Best Overall Female (Novice and Advanced)
2.Best Overall Male (Novice and Advanced)
3.Winning Team – accumulation of scores of top 3 players on each team

Participant's Information


Contact Information

  • Please enter a unique email address for the Player. This would be used as the Player's email address by FIDE for Players not as yet registered with FIDE and is mandatory for their FIDE registration. The contact telephone number will be for the player or parent if the player is a minor and will be used by the organizers as required for providing information only. As parent/guardian or player, I have completed this pre-registration form with information that is accurate to the best of my knowledge.




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