1st Regional Online Youth Chess Championship


Game type – 60 mins battle between players
Time Control: 3 minutes initial – 2 second increments

June 17, 2020: Finals / 3rd place 6.00 p.m.

The TTCA is pleased to present its first Regional Online Youth Chess Championship from June 13 – June 17, 2020.


The tournament is open to youth players from the following federations contained in the registration form. Players must be Under 18 and have a FIDE ELO blitz, standard or rapid over the board rating needs to be <= 1800.

This event is free to eligible participants.

Live Event Coverage: http://www.watch.chesstt.org

The tournament will be played on lichess.org. Players must be registered on lichess. For those who do not have an account, please register at https://lichess.org/signup

Time control: 3 min initial time, 2 second increments
Berserk Allowed – Let players halve their clock time to gain an extra point
Arena streaks Allowed – After 2 wins, consecutive wins grant 4 points instead of 2.

Other important rules
There is a countdown for your first move. Failing to make a move within this time will forfeit the game to your opponent.
Drawing the game within the first 10 moves will earn neither player any points.
Draw streaks: When a player has consecutive draws in an arena, only the first draw will result in a point, or draws lasting more than 30 moves. The draw streak can only be broken by a win, not a loss or a draw.

Persons are required to register below by Friday 12th June, 2020 11:59 PM Atlantic Standard Time.  There will be two stages of competition. Qualifying round from which the top 14 will be eligible to participate in future rounds. Two players will be selected by invitation from Trinidad and Tobago. 

Qualifying Round:  Arena tournament of 90 minutes. Players will play as many games within the specified time, 90 minutes, for the arena tournament. The top 14 players, based on points will advance to the round of 16. 

Qualifying Tournament Link: https://lichess.org/tournament/NxEM9ai5
Password for Qualifying Tournament: TTCAYCC2020

The subsequent rounds are one-on-one games between 2 paired players
Round of 16: 30 minutes of play. Same time control of 3 min initial time, 2 second increments
Round of 8: 45 minutes of play. Same time control
Round of 4/Third place/Final: 1 hour of play. Same time control

The following is the schedule:
June 13, 2020:   Qualifying Round     10.00 a.m. – 11.30 a.m.
June 13, 2020:   Round of 16              4.00 p.m. –  8.00 p.m.
June 14, 2020:   Round of 8                3.00 p.m. –  6.00 p.m.
June 16, 2020:   Semi-Final                6.00 p.m.
June 17, 2020:   3rd place play off     6.00 p.m.
June 17, 2020:   Final                          7.30 p.m.

Fair Play
The principles of fairplay will be adhered to strictly. Participants are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship and engage in sound fair play practices during the online tournament. Any participant found not meeting this condition will be disqualified from this event and will be ineligible for future TTCA events.

Participants in the top 16 and future rounds are required to have access to Skype which will be used during their games.

The TTCA will provide commentary from the round of 16 and future rounds by top local and regional players.

1st    US$75/TT$500
2nd   US$50/TT$330
3rd    US$30/TT$200

Top Female – US$25/TT$170
Top Under 12 – US$20/TT$130

Participants are only entitled to one prize.

We are also happy to announce that this event has been included in the FIDE Checkmate Coronavirus initiative. As per the official website checkmatecoronavirus.com:  

Tournaments are aimed at all chess players, regardless of age, country, or level of play. There will be at least 1500 special prizes, and all of them are to be distributed not among those who score most points, but among winners of the random draw (raffle). Inspired by the Olympic Creed (not to win but to take part), we give a winning chance to everyone and reward involvement and participation.  

This regional tournament therefore presents a great opportunity for our youth chess players to compete against their regional counterparts, be eligible for a prize and most importantly…have fun!

For additional information, please contact tournaments@chesstt.org

Keelan Hunte


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