Inaugural Grand Prix Online Chess Tournament

This series will take the form of three online rapid tournaments. The three events will be held on Saturday 17th April, Saturday 15th May, Saturday 19th June, 2021

Registration Fee: $60 TTD (One payment to participate in all days)

Payment due the day of the tournament up to 8:30 am, payments can be made directly to the TTCA’s  First Citizen’s Account:
Account number: 2016302
Bank: First Citizens Bank
Address: 1 Woodbrook Place

The tournaments will all be hosted on Tornelo at 3p.m on the dates stated above. All players are required to have an account on Tornelo. Players are advised to use their real name when populating their Tornelo account. An account can be created by clicking on the following link:

A link to the tournament will be supplied to all registrants when the registration process is closed.

Competitors will be required to join a Zoom call, share their screen and activate their cameras. Arbiters will communicate with the players through the Zoom chat and vocal communications so the players will be required to pay attention to any Zoom notification. Any player found to have violated fair play will be banned from completing the tournament, will not be eligible for any prizes and may also be barred from participating in future tournaments.

Each individual tournament will be a 6 rounds Swiss. The time control is 10mins + 3 secs per player.

Points from each tournament will be assigned to a particular score and a player’s final score in the series will be the sum of their scores from the three individual tournaments. The points are assigned to the scores as follows:

The prizes for the event are as follows:
1st – $1000
2nd – $700
3rd – $500

Special prizes: Top Female $200, Top Junior (Male $150 and Female $150), Top Senior (60+) $200, Top U-12 $100

Unrated Open:

1st – $500 (Massy Stores Voucher)
2nd – $300 (Massy Stores Voucher)
3rd- $200 (Massy Stores Voucher)

Special prizes: Top Female $200, Top Junior (Male $150 and Female $150), Top Senior (60+) $200, Top U-12 $100

• Prizes will be awarded at the end of the series based on Grand Prix points earned.
• Players can only receive one prize, whichever is of the higher.
• Players on the same score will share the combined prize.
• In the event of a tie for the Grand Prix Champion (1st Place), a play-off will decide the Champion

Participant's Information


Contact Information

  • Please enter a unique email address for the Player. This would be used as the Player's email address by FIDE for Players not as yet registered with FIDE and is mandatory for their FIDE registration. The contact telephone number will be for the player or parent if the player is a minor and will be used by the organizers as required for providing information only. As parent/guardian or player, I have completed this pre-registration form with information that is accurate to the best of my knowledge.


The tournament wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of our sponsors

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