Olympiad Qualifier 2022 #2

Date: 26th – 27th February 2022
Venue: Tornelo and Zoom
Tornelo Link: https://tornelo.com/chess/orgs/trinidad-tobago-chess-association/events/68b56206-f9c6-4793-8180-0e1262bd588a
Time Control: 20 min + 5 sec

Rounds: 7 Rounds.
Rounds 1-4 26th February 2022 2.00 p.m.
Rounds 5-7 27th February 2022 3.00 p.m.

In the event there are 8 or less participants, the tournament will be played as a round-robin.

Registration fee: $80

Registration closes: 25th February at 11:59pm
Chief Arbiter: Roderick Noel (NA)

Payment due the day of the tournament up to 8:30 am, payments can be made directly to the TTCA’s  First Citizen’s Account:
Account number: 2016302
Bank: First Citizens Bank
Address: 1 Woodbrook Place

All players are required to have an account on Tornelo. Players are advised to use their real name when populating their Tornelo account. An account can be created by clicking on the following link: https://tornelo.com/account/new

Prize allocation:
1st Place – $400
2nd Place – $250
3rd Place – $150

Monitoring of Games and Participants
Once roll call is completed, players will be separated into break out rooms consisting of no more than 10 players per group. Arbiters should then ask all participants to properly position and turn on cameras as well as begin screen share. Players ideally should be located in a room by themselves, however, if this is not possible players should inform their breakout room arbiter.

Rules and Regulations.
Players must have cameras screen share on at all times. As much as possible players should not have other persons present in the room, they are playing in. Participants are required to use a laptop or desktop to access the event. No cell phones or additional electronic devices are not allowed while the games are being played.

Tie Breaks
Tie breaks would be applied in the following order

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