The National Youth Chess Championship Under 8-18 categories will take place in January 2019.
Details are as follows:

Dates: January 3rd-6th, 2019
Venue: University of Trinidad and Tobago, Point Lisas Campus, Auditorium
Registration Fee: $60.00

Registration will be taken online up to 2nd January, 2019 and NOT on the day of the tournament.
Payment due the day of the tournament up to 10:00 am, payments can be made directly to the TTCA’s  First Citizen’s Account:
Account number: 2016302
Bank: First Citizens Bank
Address: 1 Woodbrook Place

Time allotment per player is 1 hr and 30 mins plus 30 secs increment per move from move one.
Default time is 30 minutes. Players must be present before the start of Round 1 to be paired.

Schedule may change per age group category based on number of players entered in the age group and whether a Swiss or Round Robin pairing format is used.

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  • Please enter a unique email address for the Player. This would be used as the Player's email address by FIDE for Players not as yet registered with FIDE and is mandatory for their FIDE registration. Contact Telephone is the Parent's phone number and will be used by the organizers as required for providing information only.



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