National Junior Chess Championships 2021

The National Junior Chess Championships 2021
Details are as follows:

Dates: March 13th, 14th, 20th 2021
Venue: Preysal Secondary
Registration Fee: $80.00

Registration will be taken online up to 12th March, 2021 and NOT on the day of the tournament.
Payment due the day of the tournament up to 8:30 am, payments can be made directly to the TTCA’s  First Citizen’s Account:
Account number: 2016302
Bank: First Citizens Bank
Address: 1 Woodbrook Place

The tournament will be FIDE Rated. Time allotment per player is 1 hr and 30 mins plus 30 secs increment per move from move one.
Default time is 30 minutes. Players must be present before the start of Round 1 to be paired.

Based on number of players entered a Swiss or Round Robin would be used.

Keelan Hunte


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