The Trinidad & Tobago Chess Association (TTCA) is pleased to invite all National Federations and players to the Trinidad and Tobago International Open Chess Tournament 2022 to be held at The Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre, Lady Young Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, from 1st July – 8th July 2022. The tournament is financially supported by FIDE Open Aid Project.

A video showcasing the beautiful twin-island republic can be found below


Rules and Regulations

The Trinidad and Tobago International Open Chess Tournament 2022 will be held according to the FIDE Rules of Chess and the following General Conditions within this invitation.


There will be one MASTERS and one OPEN Tournament.

The MASTERS Section will be by invitation only.
The OPEN Class is open for all players with a rating under 2200 from FIDE member federations. Prizes will be awarded under the following categories which will include: Female, Senior (50+), Under 20, Under 16 and Under 12.

System of Play

  • The Games for Open will be a Swiss System of nine (9) rounds or Round Robin depending on the number of players and at the discretion of the Chief Arbiter.
  • The rhythm of play will be ninety (90) minutes for all the moves plus an increment of thirty (30) seconds per move from the initial move. The tournaments will be Fide-Rated, once the conditions for rating are met.


The final placings will be decided by the points obtained by each player.  The player who obtains the most points will be declared the Champion.  In the case of ties, the winners will be decided by the implementation of the following tie-break systems in the order mentioned:

  1. Direct Encounter – Once the players have all played each other
  2. Most wins
  3. Bulcholz
  4. Sonneborn-berger
  5. More games with Black

In the event of a round-robin tournament, the following tie break system will be applied:

  1. Direct Encounter
  2. Sonneborn-berger
  3. Koya System
  4. Most Wins
  5. More games with Black

Pairings & Results

Before the beginning of the first round of the Open Tournament, a list with all the names of participants will be published at the playing hall. The pairings will be published at least one hour after the last game of each round, both on and in the playing venue.

All winners are required to input their games on the computers provided. For drawn games, the player with white is required to enter his/her game.

Discipline & Attire

a. The Tournament Organisers expect the highest standards of behaviour and fair play by the participants.
b. Default Time: Thirty (30) minutes.
c. Players are expected to be dressed modestly and in a manner that does not bring the event or the organisers into disrepute. No slippers, short pants and sleeveless tops or other wear that will generally be deemed in appropriate for such an event are allowed. The organisers reserve the right to disallow players into the playing hall if not suitably attired.


The total prize fund is US$ 9000. All prizes are quoted in US$.

A special prize of US$ 400 shall be awarded for the best player Under 2200 in the master’s section.
Trophies shall also be awarded to the top player in each adult category.  The top 3 players in the Under 12, 16 and 20 categories in the junior/youth categories shall also receive trophies.

Note: Players will only be eligible for one prize.

The organisers reserve the right to pay the prize monies in local currency at a rate of 1 USD to 6.80 TTD to local players/residents and award any additional special prizes.
In the event of a tie on points, the prize money will be added and distributed evenly.



A Blitz tournament will be held on 7 July 2022. The Registration fee will be US$10/ TT$60. The prize fund will depend on the registration fees collected for the Blitz tournament and will be announced in advance of the event.
Any other side events shall be announced prior to the International Open event.


Covered costs

  1. For players who hold the titles of GM/WGM with an ELO rating>2500, and have been extended a personal invitation, the Organising Committee will cover the cost of accommodation (double) and meals. Meals will be covered from dinner on 1 July 2022 to breakfast on 8 July 2022.
  2. For players who hold the titles of IM with an ELO rating >2300 and WIM with an ELO rating >2200 and have been extended a personal invitation, the Organising Committee will cover the cost of Accommodation (Double/Triple) and breakfast for the period 2 July – 8 July 2022.
  3. Those persons who wish to upgrade to single occupancy, shall pay the additional cost as per schedule under ‘Accommodation’.
  4. Any exceptions to these conditions will be at the discretion of the organisers.


a, The Participant information must include: Name, FIDE ID, Date of birth, e-mail address and Federation name. For foreign participants please also include passport bio page data, type of accommodation (single, double triple), accompanying persons, flight details on or before June 20th 2022.

b. All players are expected to pay registration fees unless an alternative arrangement is made with the organisers. The registration fees for the event are:

Registration Fee (non-resident): US$110; Senior 50+/Under 20: US$60
Registration Fee (local players): TT$400; Senior 50+/Under 20: TT$250

Registration Fee (non-resident): US$120
Registration Fee (local players): TT$450

Players who have not paid the registration fee by the beginning of the tournament will not be paired. On the day of registration, the original passport or ID must be provided for each player.
The onsite registrations will close on 1 July at 8:00 p.m.


Payment of registration fees and accommodation must be made by Bank Transfer by 27 June 2022 or as otherwise authorized by the organisers.

Local or International Players via Credit Card
After completing the registration form you would be redirected to a shopping page where registration and/or accommodation can be added to your cart. Once completed you can proceed to check out where you will be prompted to enter credit card details (Visa/Mastercard) to effect payment.

International Players via Wire Transfer
Funds (USD) to be sent to:

Intermediary Bank:
Wells Fargo Bank N.A.
New York International Branch

375 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10152

Swift code: PNBPUS3NNYC or ABA 026005092

Beneficiary Bank: First Citizens Bank Ltd.
One Woodbrook Place
Woodbrook, Trinidad & Tobago

Swift Code: FCTTTTPS

Beneficiary Name: Trinidad and Tobago Chess Association
Beneficiary Account No.:2016303

Beneficiary Address: 24 Holder Drive, Westvale Park, Glencoe

Local players via ACH/Bank Deposit
Registration to be deposited at First Citizens Bank Limited:
TTCA’s TTD Account No.: 2016302
Name on account: Trinidad and Tobago Chess Association

Upon completion of wire transfer or deposit, a scanned copy of the transfer receipt should be sent via email to  Once the payment transfer is confirmed, the organising committee will confirm the Accommodation reservation.

Cancellations after payments made

These will be treated on a case by case basis.


The following accommodation arrangements shall be made available to the players and other guests. Prices are in US$ per person from arrival day to the departure day and includes breakfast.

* Important: The Organisers are not responsible for any Participants (chess players, accompanying persons) who choose to stay outside the official accommodation of the organisation.
**Triple occupancy is constituted as one room with two full beds shared by three persons.

Any arrangements other that what is displayed above will be determined on a case by case basis by the tournament organisers.

Local Rate
Prices are in US$

Accommodation can be booked using the following link


Transportation will be provided for non-residents staying at the official hotel to and from the airport.
Organisers reserve the right to make changes to these arrangements on a case-by-case basis.
Players must inform the organisers about their flight schedules at least 1 week in advance of arrival.



All journalists are welcome and those who wish to participate in the event may contact the Organisers for accreditation.


Chief Arbiter: IA Rohan Waithe, Barbados
The Deputy Arbiter and assistant arbiters would be selected at the discretion of the TTCA together with the Chief arbiter and in accordance with Fide Regulations.

Appeals Committee

At the Technical Meeting, the appeals committee will be constituted by five (5) representatives, preferably from different Federations: three (3) principal representatives and two (2) substitutes. No member of the appeals committee shall adjudicate on matters involving a player with whom he/she is associated/affiliated.

Flight Tips

There are direct flights to Trinidad and Tobago from New York, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, London, Amsterdam, and Toronto.
Please check all necessary visa requirements for entry into Trinidad and Tobago.

COVID-19 Protocols for Non-nationals

Unvaccinated and vaccinated are welcomed, all must provide a negative COVID-19 test result taken no more than 48 hours prior to arrival in Trinidad and Tobago. COVID-19 protocols at the time of the tournament will be guided by the current public health guidelines.


Sonja Johnson, Organising Committee Chairperson/President – TTCA
Telephone/WhatsApp: +18687261246

Sandy Razark, Secretary – TTCA
Telephone/WhatsApp: +18686834439

Keelan Hunte, Treasurer – TTCA
Telephone/WhatsApp: +18684918557


We cannot wait for you to visit us here in sweet T&T!

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