International Chess Day

International Chess Day is commemorated on 20th July every year. This year the TTCA shall be engaging in a campaign “Meet the Champions: Youth Chess TT ” to highlight the National Youth/Junior Chess Champions of 2021.This campaign consists of short videos introducing each national youth/junior chess champion to the wider community. Every day for a week, 1-2 videos will be posted, starting from tomorrow, on our fb page and the Trinidad & Tobago Chess Association YouTube channel (…/UCbqld08mIUe…/featured).

Additionally, in keeping with the theme from FIDE to encourage new persons to learn chess, the TTCA shall be providing free training sessions for persons to learn to play chess. The content that we will be teaching will span across 2 days. Both sessions will be at 5p.m for approximately 1 hour each day. The sessions will take place on Thursday 22nd July and Friday 23rd July.

The registration link for this training is as follows:

We are thrilled by the level of support provided to the TTCA for its initiatives, especially given the current environment, and encourage you to like/follow our fb page as well as subscribe to the YouTube channel, as key components of our media strategy to disseminate information on TTCA activities. Let’s support our 2021 national champions and encourage even more people to play chess!

Keelan Hunte


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