CCA-FIDE America – Caribbean Online Youth

Registration procedure
Just complete and submit the registration form at the link

VERY IMPORTANT 1- Only the players from Caribbean Countries can play this tournament

VERY IMPORTANT 2- after registering by the above link you will receive a link by email to enter the tournament . Please enter in this link 1 hour before or at least half hour before

The tournament is totally free.

Date: Aug 8 2020 10:00 AM

Reflection time: 3 minutes with 2 seconds of incremente from movement 1

Champion of each category – Accommodation (without meals) in the Pan American Youth 2021 Brazil

Fair play:
The Appeals and Fair Play Committee shall be composed of three members indicated by CCA-FIDE America.
Fair play (Anti Cheating) software is the one used by the platform.
The participant, if he decides to participate, accepts the rules as presented here and also agrees to play fair

Participation in the event means that you understand and accept the provisions of these regulations.

Keelan Hunte


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